Cash Giveaways

Do you want to give your page a boost of exposure, followers and engagement? 

A MFB giveaway is the answer! 

We have been hosting these giveaways since 2015, that's right.. We are proud to say we were THE FIRST AUSTRALIAN LOOP company on the block. 

Our giveaways have a strict target demographic of Children/Mums and families alike. We have also trialed and tested our strategies thoroughly over the years and are proud to say that we have an incredible drop rate of only 10%. #literallyunheardof #thatsbecausewedabest

Our cash giveaways/loops go for 7 days with 3-4 mandatory posts during this time but to make it easier we also offer a secret/ghost position which requires no posting. 

We can never promise results in terms of how many new followers you will gain, however, our past results range from: $2000 (400-900), $4000 (500-2500) and $10,000 (3000-8000)

Participating in a giveaway is a fantastic way to boost your followers, engagement and bringing a whole new crowd to your page. 

HOLLA at us if you would like to know our tips on turning your new followers into sales!