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May Update.... - Shadow Ban

May Update.... - Shadow Ban

is that you need to constantly have something happening on your page or you can run the risk of becoming last weeks news. Whether this be a new release, a tag game, giveaways, loops,collabs and markets. Creating new and exciting ways to engaging your customer is so important and ensures that the traffic and exposure keeps heading to your account.
Get creative with your customers/followers, do giveaways that engage and excite them. 

Ask yourself whats currently happening on my page? If your answer is nothing and your sales are stale..... well then spice things up! Don't take the easy way out and blame it on shadow ban or new algorithm that is no longer NEW news. 

Don't become one of those pages you see in your feeds and go holy moly haven't see that page in a while? 

SPICE THINGS UP GIRL!!! Get those creative ideas following.

If you are stuck with shadow banning, I found a great article to review: website;
If you aren’t following her I would seriously recommend her, she is fabulous!

In other news,

Whilst there are a few new loop giveaway accounts cropping up, we like to believe our loops and service speak for themselves (read some testimonials below). We have worked extremely hard over the past 18 months to continue to bring you the best of the best! A consistent and professional approach that I believe is worth the money. MiniFashion_Blogger respects and cares for every page we work and interact with- big, small, rep, store, blogger... whoever needs to grow and gain exposure we are there for them.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service. So thank you ladies for continuing to support us! You are supporting a FIFO Mumma who would be bored out of her brains without you babes xx

Our next Market 4th June has SOLD OUT!! BUT…… we have a July date set!

Thank you again ladies.
Grab you wine, start writing down new, fun, creative ideas for the page and JOIN A LOOP to help build your brand.

Till next month..

Emma xxxx