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July Update

July Update

Emma's 10 Tips for Instagram

  • Get yourself a diary and every Monday plan out your week. What's happening with my page this week? What am I giving my followers. Remember what I always say, you need to constantly be doing something on your page, don't become yesterdays news! Weather that be new release, collabs, loops, markets/sale etc... 
  • Know your peak times; don't waste an amazing post at 10am when everyone is offline
  • Ensure that when people click onto your page the first 6 images they see without scrolling are appealing. If they aren't sold within that first appearance, they will click out instead of follow. 
  • Keep your bio clear, to the point and easy to read. People are more likely to read 2-3 words in one line vs a full sentence. 
  • Do you have reps? Are you sharing your 2-3 posts to a group DM with them. They should be interacting in your every picture.
  • How are you getting your brand out there? How are you gaining exposure? Loops are great for new followers and bringing traffic to your page.  Markets are great for traffic and introducing new customers to your brand. Collabs with other brands are great to showcases your products. 
  • Videos!!! I tested this with one of my VA stores and they worked a treat. Have your reps create an interaction video showcasing your products with gentle music in the background. Seriously who doesn't love a cute baby gooing while dressed amazingly in your designs.
  • Interaction - With the algortithm its very important your are interacting with other accounts. Comments especially! 
  • Use your IG Story to be personal with your followers. They love it when they can relate to you. And everyone is secretly a sticky beak. If your followers feel like they know you, they are more likely to support you.
  • Be relate able on your posts, not always so salesy! 

In other news,

Whilst there are a few new loop giveaway accounts cropping up, we like to believe our loops and service speak for themselves). We have worked extremely hard over the past 18 months to continue to bring you the best of the best! A consistent and professional approach that I believe is worth the money. MiniFashion_Blogger respects and cares for every page we work and interact with- big, small, rep, store, blogger... whoever needs to grow and gain exposure we are there for them. Not to mention that our loops are done on minimal profit. Your entry fees pays for the loop prize! 

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service. So thank you ladies for continuing to support us which in turns supports you! xx


June Market sold over $65k in sales and over 100k in website views!
It was by far the best one yet. The feeling of helping these stores gain exposure to their brand and sales, is amazing. 
A market is perfect for showcasing what you offer to thousands of people on IG plus giving your followers a sale. 
You should always be looking for ways to have your brand exposed and these are perfect for that exact reason. You have no idea how many people we get messaging us, saying how excited they are to go shopping at our markets every month. 

8th October, 3 December (Xmas theme) & Boxing Day (Half full)

Loops - August almost sold out! 

Thank you again ladies.
Grab you wine, start writing down new, fun, creative ideas for the page and JOIN A LOOP to help build your brand.
Till next month..

Emma xxxx



Our Chat with Jo... 

We have followed you for a long time and are so excited for your rebranding. Tell us a bit about yourself and the rebrand:

To hear that makes my heart absolutely sing!


I could talk about the rebranding all day, but firstly - I am Jo, the owner of Pretty Petite Co. I have a beautiful 2 year old firecracker daughter, Aoife (pronounced E-fa...don't you love the Irish for their crazy spelling!). My husband is from Ireland and we met while he was in Australia on a working holiday 13 years ago. We have been married for 5 years and having our daughter has been an absolute dream. Aoife was longed for and loved for such a long time before she came into the world, and having her here has been the most life changing, amazing, terrifying, soul altering and heart exploding thing that has ever happened to me. Motherhood has changed me in a way I never dreamed of, and picturing a life without her in it is absolutely unimaginable. She brings light, laughter and an immeasurable amount of love to mine, my husbands, and our families lives. She is my reason why.


Rebranding from Baby Darling Boutique to Pretty Petite Co was such an enormous step for our business, and it was at least 12 months in the making. The main reason behind our rebranding was my passion for branching out to include handmade interior décor pieces, and I didn’t feel like Baby Darling Boutique could quite support that dream. So Pretty Petite Co came to life and it has been the best decision we have ever made. The way our supporters have responded to the rebranding has been amazing and a testament to the love they had for Baby Darling Boutique. This has been a whirlwind journey, and I feel like this adventure is just beginning! We have the most gorgeous Spring collection coming your way, featuring new exclusive designs, but with the same luxurious, feminie and dreamy feel that you have come to love and expect.


What inspires you to create new lines/designs?

All my life, I've loved beautiful things. Browsing a pretty shop, holding a gorgeous book, standing in a pile of cherry blossom petals, whatever it is, being surrounded by lovely things has always made me feel content. When I was younger, I was one of those kids who would cut pictures out of a magazine and create pretty little collages….the only thing that has changed is that I now collage on Pinterest! So many of my images are of French couture, beautiful fresh flowers, and ANYTHING THAT SPARKLES!


Lets be honest, its been a pretty shit turn of events for businesses on IG with the algorithm change, how have you managed to stay above it all?

I have been on Instagram for about 18 months, and began knowing ABSOLUTELY nothing – I didn’t even know what a hashtag was! Since then I have witnesses some massive changes. And to be completely honest, I feel like I am just winging it all the time! The greatest thing that I have done is found my place in a beautiful. Supportive community of like minded Biz Mums who I can turn to for support, ideas and advice! But at the end of the day, behind the business, I LOVE to connect with other mothers. Some amazing friendships have started from one little supportive comment left on a post, and I think that’s really the magic behind Instagram!




What do you love most about Instagram?

The connections I have made! I’ve met the most incredible women and mothers who inspire me every day. There are the women who are brave enough to put themselves and their insecurities out there, and they give me courage. There are the women who open up about their struggles as a mother, and they give me strength to make it through the difficult days. There are the women who share their battles with their health and they remind me of the small joys in life. There are the women who work so incredibly hard for their businesses and they push me to do my best. There are the women who have the most stunning feeds and they show me that beauty can be found in so many places. And then there are the women who follow along on this Insta journey with me, and I feel so humbled and motivated to bring them the best of Pretty Petite Co.


What is your number 1 tip for a successful business?

Do what brings you joy! Remember why you started in the first place. Surround yourself with others who build you up and be patient! It will not happen in a night, but that doesn’t mean you should give up! Business is an absolute rollercoaster and there will be the lows and the highs, but at the end of the day, go back to the origins of your business – that’s where the fire was first ignited! (ok, so that was waaaaay more than 1 tip! #habitualoversharer


Most memorable thing since beginning your business?

My very first order from someone other than friends or family! I remember squealing and jumping out of my seat with excitement. It was that moment of ‘this is actually happening’! I still get that rush when an order comes through. To think that I will soon be sending some gorgeous items that have a small piece of me that go with them is beyond anything I imagined.


What feedback do you have for people thinking of doing a loop/market with MFB?

Do it! Immediately! You will never regret it as an investment in your business financially, but also as in investment your brand. Getting your name out there and getting yourself seen by your target audience will happen with these loops! I have done quite a few loops and I can honestly say without a doubt, that the MFB loops are the pick of them all – Em is the LOOP QUEEN! But apart from Em and her team running amazing loops, the support continues afterwards, which is something that you don’t often experience with other loops. MFB hosted by rebranding loop and it was Em who was pumping me up, with big ambitions to reach a certain target and knowing that there was someone in my corner was amazing!


I have my first MFB market coming up this month and I am incredibly excited about it! I’d be more than happy to share my experiences about them with you – send me a DM!


Final departing words – give me your best quote:

After everything, I am a mother first. SO to all the Mumma’s out there:

You will never look back on life and think ‘I spent too much time with my kids’.